The terms advertising and marketing generally overlap in the minds of people. nevertheless, advertising and marketing are basically two distinct procedures. Marketing is a procedure with a greater scope in comparison to advertising. However, the two procedures correspond in several ways and overlap in original practice. The marriage of advertisement and marketing could result in a completely new phrase which is marketing advertising.

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that average people are not aware of the difference between advertisement and marketing. Both these procedures are taken in the form of vehicles for getting the word out regarding an organization or a company or even an individual. however, both these procedures are completely different. If you are the owner of an organization or a company, you need to implement both or any of the procedures for getting the best results and most importantly for getting large-scale success in your business.

Advertising, at its core, is a kind of persuasive message regarding a certain product meant to grab the attention of potential customers. On the other hand, marketing is a systematic planning and proper implementation of different activities aimed towards bringing sellers and buyers together for the mutually beneficial exchange of the advertised products. in several ways, advertising can be defined as one of the most important parts of marketing. There are other important components of marketing and these include public relations, product pricing, media planning, market research and distribution. All these different components represent the comprehensive marketing effort of an organisation when taken as a whole.